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Promotions & Roadshows 

For high-end launches, corporate events, roadshows and exhibitions it is crucial to have individuals that represent your brand properly. Our hostesses and promoters are perfectly groomed, styled by us and trained to be courteous and welcoming as well as informative. They are savvy, quick to learn and can think on their feet when asked questions by your potential clients.

For any product or service in the market, it is imperative to have direct contact with your clients and one of our specialties is coordinating roadshows which does exactly that.

A roadshow enables you to communicate a message, give more information and most importantly; let potential clients TRY your product. 


We have extensive experience in putting together teams that successfully communicate the key messages of the product/service and effectively sample and/or highlight its main features. We tailor make your team with consideration to language requirements, appearance, gender and of course we make sure you get the best possible within your budget.

Corporate Events & Product Launches

When deciding to launch a new project or plan a corporate event there is a lot at stake to say the least and  it is important to choose a partner that respects that. From our perspective, there is nothing more delicate than planning a product launch or corporate event. This is were we get really personal and totally submerge ourselves in your product before coming up with a creative concept.


Once the concept has been finalized we will present our vision with mood boards, flow of events, branding  suggestions and an initial cost overview for your feedback. Once we have agreed on the general direction  our team will guide you from the beginning to the finish line; treating your project as if it was our own and  keeping you updated on every detail necessary with a clear and structured communication.

Weddings & Private Events 

Getting married. Few words have more impact than those two together and a lot of people get a pit in their stomach just thinking about it. It is a BIG day. And it is a BIG responsibility planning it. But it is also a great privilege to be entrusted with it.


We specialize in bespoke, uber-customised weddings with 100-150 attendees where the couple is really looking for a company that will be there every step of the way and put the main focus on the details and the experience itself. If you want a wedding planning team rather than a wedding planner; we are the ones for you.


Similarly if you are looking for a customised theme with quirky and fun details for you private dinner party we are your guys!

Other services



As a we normally work with our clients for longer periods of time, it is a natural result that we get involved in production. Be it a full stand, customized photo-walls, decorations, giveaways or something as simple as uniforms we are happy to help. 


Regardless of if you have a design in mind or if you want us to come up with some suggestions for you; our team is the right one to handle it. Send the design you had in mind for a quotation, or send us your budget and requirement to get a suggestion from our design team.

Photography & Videography

Documenting your activations and events is key and good photography and videography provides you with a great tool to create relevant and unique content that reflects your brand and its identity.


We have an in-house photographer and work closely with a couple of really creative and cool teams that are excellent in their respective fields.

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